Real Madrid is Offering Free World Class Training Campus in Pakistan- Get Your Kid Registered

After the success of the two Real Madrid Foundation Campuses in 2014/2015 marking the start of the Real Madrid Foundation partnership with QSports in Qatar, we are
proud to announce the first Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation Pakistan this year. QSports, official rights holder and organiser of the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience, is all set to host Pakistan's first ever 5-Day Football Camp in Lahore from 27-31 December 2016, conducted by coached from Real Madrid. Up to 300 kids, 7-17 years old can REGISTER for the camp on a first come first serve basis.

The campus is the institutional arm of Real Madrid C.F. one of the greatest clubs in the world of football. The Real Madrid Foundation’s primary purpose is to promote the values of sport and to use these values as an educational tool in the comprehensive development of players while encouraging social integration to stimulate cultural exchange through a shared passion for the sport of football.

Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation football camps bring about culture and coexistence through sport with the ends of recreational and educative, attempting to bring about individual and social development of children through values that consolidate an integrated human training experience.

 Starting with the football camp holiday training and learning camp in Lahore, the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience will be introducing a series of training programs and opportunities, sharing unique training methodology and sporting values with football-crazy Pakistan.

The Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience Campus aims to emphasise the development of tactical and technical soccer training. Through a varied program of fun and innovative educational activities, participants will also learn Real Madrid values, such as leadership, effort, teamwork, self-control and respect for others.

The Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience Camps take place in a safe and healthy environment, in a first-rate facility, and serviced by a team of highly qualified professionals, both in soccer and education.

 The Program Includes: 

·         A full 5 days coaching program from 8:00am to 4:00pm (daily)
·         Training sessions daily with Real Madrid Foundation professional coaches at top level training facility including technical and tactical training sessions, experimental & team building activities
·         Use of certified coaching equipment
·         Educational and leisure activities
·         Real Madrid Foundation official branded football kit (excluding football boots)
·         Morning Snack and lunch
·         Water during all activities
·         On site medical assistance
·         Official photo and diploma
·         Full time supervision & security during the entire campus duration

The Campus Experience of the Real Madrid Foundation is an opportunity offered to both boys and girls with the aim of allowing them to experience an alternative and positive form of sport and training, a values-based education, by means of combining sports and learning.
In addition, Campus also has a diverse programme of recreational and educational activities that are always aligned to the values of Real Madrid, with the objective of educating children based upon the five ethical pillars of the club: team work, leadership, respect for others, autonomy and hard work.

Teaching staff:
·         Sports field: coaches of the Real Madrid Foundation, graduates in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, technical coaches and support staff.
·         Educational field: pedagogues, teachers, educators and group leaders.

Food is supervised by a dietician to guarantee that every meal is suitable for the needs of every participants and fulfills the quality requirements of Campus Experience.
·         Training break: morning snack.
·         Lunch: first and second course, dessert, bread and water.
·         Afternoon snack: hydration and sandwich.

What type of activities are participants going to do?
The goal of our camps is the human comprehensive education of participants, through sports practice and recreational and educational activities, which promote the coexistence and the individual and social development, as well as the values associated to Real Madrid.

SPORTS TRAININGThe program, focused on the comprehensive training of participants, has four mainstays which are:
·         Technical-tactical part, where there will be a work plan so that every participant can develop all their skills in a dynamic and balanced way.
·         Physical and motor skills’ part, so that they are aware of the importance of physical improvement and its influence on their performance.
·         Health, so that they aware of its importance in their sports career. 
·         Values education, through the most effective educational way in order to be trained not only as athletes but also, and above all, as people.

The sports program is supervised by a technical team of Real Madrid Foundation

Training sessions at the Campus Experience consist of:
·         90 minutes of training in the morning
·         60 minutes of training in the afternoon

Training’s contents are listed below:
·         Technique: individual and collective.
·         Tactic: strategy.
·         Different kicks- interior, exterior, instep, far distance, with head.
·         Ball control with sole, interior of the foot, chest, thigh, head and foot.
·         Skills with two legs.
·         Driving of the ball.
·         Shots on goal.
·         Combined moves –passes, centers, shootings…
·         Walls with shots on goal.
·         Dribbling and feinting, with shot on goal.

In this way, children will work the values following a temporary sequence in a group’s life. From the creation of the Group, with values associated to the individual (I), passing through the group confidence with values related to the group or team itself (WE), towards the stage of maturing with values associated to the relationship with the other (THEY).
VALUES OF THE ‘I’: leadership, self-control and effort.

VALUES OF THE ‘WE’: companionship, teamwork and PARTICIPACIÓN.

VALUES OF THE ‘THEY’: respect for others, tolerance and solidarity.


Group experience is the most basic tool of transmission of values. From and through it, participants will discover some of the values that Real Madrid brings to society. This group participatory methodology can be summarized in three concepts:

1. Motivation: to make participants want to learn.
2. Training: to explain the concepts of the values they know.
3. Experimentation: to put into practice what they have learned.

Each concept will be applied with greater intensity, according to the state and temporary moment in which the group is.
Big, different and fun activities aimed at boys and girls with the goal of having fun as well as integrating children with the values associated to Real Madrid.
It will be the period of living in group, where we could educate from and towards the group. With support material, we will think about the value of every day, linking it to sport, our experience at the camp and our own life.
They are a set of activities with the goal of entertaining participants. They will be less regulated activities, where participation is voluntary.
Click at the given link below for registration;
 Get Your Kid Registered 

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