After Hacking Indian Planes , Pakistani Hackers ''skip Kiddies'' Hack Over 7000 Indian Websites

Last night, the hackers' group, Skip Kiddies has released the names list of over 7000 websites. Hacking at this massive level is very alarming as it exposes the vulnerability of Indian Softwares and security protocols.

''We skip kiddies and we are FATHER, don't fuck with us''
According to reports and cyber security experts, this group doesn’t comprise of hacking specialists, it is more of a bunch of script kiddies using existing scripts to find loopholes and vulnerabilities in the websites. All the affected websites are replaced with the logo of hacking group ‘Pakistan Haxors Crew’ along with a patriotic song.
While India is busy in staging ‘surgical strike’ drama, Pakistani tech experts are up to some real job. Last week, Pakistani hackers hacked into Indian planes, force them to listen to
“Dil  Dil  Pakistan”

Pakistani hackers have been breaching networking protocols of Indian airports for some time now. The tech pirates blocked communication between the pilots and the control tower just before landing and started playing Pakistan’s patriotic songs like “Dil Dil Pakistan” in the cockpit.

Pakistan Haxors Crew also hacked several notable Indian websites in the past namely Tata Motors, AIADMK and Taj Mahal. The group mentioned that there are more hacks to follow!

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