You Must Know These Top 15 Scholarships in the UK for Pakistanis and International Students

Are you looking to pursue your higher education abroad? Then the UK must be among your final choices. The land of Fish and Chips, Buckingham Palace and David Beckham is not very cheap for international students like you. Therefore, the government-funded scholarships and other financial grants are essential to pursuing your studies there. Though the scholarship funding has become increasingly competitive, many new forms of scholarship have been introduced in the recent years to fulfil the need.

If you look forward to studying in the UK, you can receive endowments and other forms of scholarship from a varied government, non-government and external organisations. These worthy scholarships are the reason why the UK has become an international educational hub. Read on to know more about the most popular as well as significant scholarships for the international students in the UK.
  • Government-Funded Scholarships

These scholarships are provided by Government of UK to promising international students in various disciplines.

  • British Chevening Scholarship (BCS)

This scholarship is awarded by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in association with its partnered organisations. As decided by the concerned authority, the students receive partial or complete funding of their under graduate or post-graduate program in any subject.

  • Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Countries (CSDC)

The CSDC is an exclusive financial grant to the students belonging to developing commonwealth countries. Funded by UK Department for International Development, it is awarded to the students who are going to pursue Masters and PhD program in the country. Students from countries like India, South Africa, Malaysia, Barbados and other nations can avail this service. The detailed list of the eligible nations is available on the respective website.

  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme (CSSS)

To encourage the students to pursue studies in the fields of technology, economy, medicine and other evolving subjects, the UK government provides a funded scholarship to the prospective international students. The students of the Master’s and higher programs can avail the endowment. Though primarily the students from the commonwealth nations are eligible for this scholarship, pupils from other countries too can apply for it.
  • University-specific Scholarships

Different universities of UK provide special scholarships to the international students based on their academic record, performance and need. Almost all the tertiary institutions of UK provide individual scholarships to the meritorious students. But the most important among them are as follows:

  • Clarendon Scholarships by University of Oxford

This prestigious scholarship is awarded by the Oxford University Press and the Clarendon Fund to the international students studying at the University of Oxford. The scholarship is of two types — partial and full — which is based on the course, merit and requirement.

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships

This is a full-time scholarship for the international students of Cambridge University. The scholarship is awarded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the meritorious students. It includes the tuition costs and other maintenance allowances as well. The selection process is competitive; hence, the students with outstanding results and performance have an edge over others.

  • Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University

This Rhode Scholarship is strictly merit-based endowment only for the international post-graduate students. Widely regarded as the most prestigious scholarship in the UK, it is named after Cecil Rhodes, an influential business tycoon. Collaborating with the University of Oxford, a complete scholarship is awarded for two years which may be extended later.

  • University of Edinburgh Global Scholarship

The international students who enrol themselves in the renowned University of Scotland are eligible for this global scholarship. It includes a complete tuition fee exemption with special awards and grants for the students for the developing countries. The students of Asia, Africa and Latin America are also awarded a free health insurance according to the tenure of their pursuing course.

  • Cardiff University Elite Scholarships for International Students

The Cardiff University of Wales accords international scholarships to the talented students studying in this prestigious institution. It provides this financial endowment to all the levels from undergraduate to PhD degree. In the year 2015, the concerned authority awarded scholarships of worth 2.5 million UK pounds to meritorious students.

  • Bristol University International Scholarships

The University of Bristol has always taken the commendable steps to recognise the talented international students. The prospective students of undergraduate and post-graduate programs can receive an endowment of up to £8,500 British pounds. The students need to qualify for an internal assessment to be rewarded with this acclaimed scholarship.

  • Swansea University Undergraduate Scholarships

With the objective to encourage the talented and aspiring students from different countries, the Swansea University provides undergraduate and post-graduate financial grants. They have a definite number of scholarships for all the students according to the region and country they represent. So, an Indian student can avail the Indian Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship. Accordingly, a student from Jordon must qualify for the Jordon Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship. The amount of endowment is around £4000 British pounds.
Apart from the above-mentioned institutions, the University of West London, University of Birmingham, University of Westminster and other reputed institutions also accord the deserving students with rewarding scholarships.
  • Non-government Scholarships in the UK

There are different non-governmental organisations in the UK which provide financial endowment and scholarship grants to the students. Some award the scholarship internationally while some institutions work on a national basis.

  • Euraxess UK

One of the most influential and famous educational and cultural organisation, British Council too has made significant efforts to make the UK the educational hub of the world. It provides financial aid to the international students who look forward to pursuing research in different academic fields. The Euraxess UK program also provides access to the different facilities that the students may need during their course.

  • Scholarship for the Students of Africa

The students of Africa can get financial benefit through different scholarship programs issued by the non-governmental organisations. The most popular program is the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Program which provides scholarships to the deserving students throughout the continent. There are many African students who aspire to do post-graduation in engineering, geo sciences, management and law in the UK. They can appear for the assessment of Overseas Postgraduate Scholarships Scheme. It provides a comprehensive grant to these promising hearts.

  • Scholarships for the Students of India and Pakistan

Thousands of students from India and Pakistan land in the UK to pursue their higher education. The meritorious students who undertake Ph.D., research and other post-graduate studies in the UK can apply for Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships and Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarships respectively. The selection of the deserving candidates depends on the course for which they apply. The qualified students will get numerous benefits including accommodation, living costs and other allowances.

  • Scholarships for American and European Countries

The UK is also one of the preferred destinations for American and European countries. Aspiring hearts of the North America need to qualify for Saltire Scholarships to study in the UK, especially Scotland. The scholarship is available for full-time courses and it offers up to 200 awards with a worth of £2000 each. Entente Cordiale Scholarship is for the French students who wish to study in a post-graduation course in the UK. It covers almost all the disciplines, from humanities to management.
So, the options for the prospective students like you are quite diverse and comprehensive. This article is a helpful guide which provides extensive yet concise information about the varied UK scholarships available for the students like you. If you need more and detailed information, you can visit the respective websites. All these programs come with a limited number of seats. Therefore, you need to prepare strongly to get selected for these prestigious scholarships. These scholarships are not only about financial grants but are also a sort of recognition of your hard work, merit and knowledge.
The scholarships and the financial grants are an effort from the different sections of the society to encourage all the students who are deprived of the financial stability. The UK scholarships are the perfect model where the government, non-government and the individual universities provide valuable endowments to all the meritorious students around the world. Hence, start your preparations to qualify for the tough scholarship examinations and make your dream to study in the UK a reality!
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